Revealed! Dean Of The Student Affairs In LAUTECH Who Invited Cultists To The School Caused The School’s Riot

Few hours ago, we reported a news about the protests of angry students in LAUTECH against the school management over alleged involvement in the SUG elections.

It is however revealed what ignited the angered students who later settled to fight for their stolen mandate.

The Dean Of Students Affair of the school, and an aspirant for Senator Of Oyo state senatorial district, DR OLUMUYIWA SUNDAY ADEWALE, (Mr Landlord) had earlier invited his loyalists who happened to be the suspected deadliest cultists around to protect his interest on the election day.

Below is the official statement from the body of the cheated students:



We Ladokites like other youths of this late generation grew up to a world crying of injustice. Everyday battling corruption.

Always trying to put an end to oppression.

Our parents made us know independence isn't enough.
That they have returned strong slaves to themselves, here today in the dominion of the black bad leaders that rule us.

They regret.

They weep. They wished they saw the bad of them taking the leading positions.

They told us, one day they will cry no more because we are here and they will do everything to see us grow as messiahs. Corruption-free leaders, so we may one day give them the peace they deserve and fight the bad, and lead the world as right.

Our parents, since then, have gained pride in the pleasure of pain.
Hustle day and night to pay exorbitant tuitions, just to complete the proper upbringing.

They deem to send us to school to give us , proper education.

To hide us from the world of ignorance that may cause thuggery.
Hoping sending us to LAUTECH is safe, sending us here as students to be taught and trained with morals; that we would be led by good leaders, who should be just with our affairs.

Here at LAUTECH, dear parents, you've send us to the wrong place! We are under evil tutelage.

Momma, Pappa, or how could a CULTIST be made the Dean Of Students' Affairs, LAUTECH?

ARGH! Everyone who knew about this is careless.

How would you make an hell hero lead the students?

Corruption has again crept into this generation. A thug is the Dean of Students' affairs in LAUTECH!!!

Did you intend to bring up criminals, cultists as the one you made our Dean?

Hearken to us, in hell shall be rot liars! On the 13th and 14th of June, 2018, Dr OLUMUYIWA SUNDAY ADEWALE (Mr LANDLORD) who's currently the Dean of Students' Affairs, LAUTECH brought in cultists, ones equipped with weapons like guns, axes, cutlasses to threatening and running after and brutalising students protesting against how he orchestrated for his self-interest in the justification of the Students' Union elections.

Prof. Adewale came in the likeness of Satan, turning LAUTECH to LAUHELL, deploying his gangsters against the students. Shouting “This is how I want it! Must you win everything?”

We all were shocked. We rushed some wounded students to the clinic.

And we decide to leave the school premises for him because we didn't want to get more hurt; we needed to run for our dear life thus we left for various hostels.

It continued the day after elections, 14th of June, we wanted to rushed into the DSA's office but our leader and former Senate Speaker, comrade Olatunbosun Adeoti (Bossman) intervened and pacified us, asked us to wait outside, that he would go to have a dialogue with the DSA.

But to our biggest shock, what came as response burning our ears were the cries of Bossman inside the office of the DSA being beaten, molested by the DSA and his hoodlums.

We couldn't wait no more, we charged him to rescue the Bosun but we were helpless, and outnumbered and overpowered by the DSA and cultists.

Just like the devil, the clever Prof. Adewale locked Bosun and other caught agitating students in his office and called on policemen to go away with Bosun.

We all were annoyed by the deceit, and wished to explain to the men of force who the DSA is, but the DSA asked the policeman not to listen to us and still arrest us.

So we flew, and till today, the arrested students are still locked up, the elections are still inconclusive, we are still cheated, we are still being beaten by the green snake under the green grass-ADEWALE!

You who wish not to see evil ruling over good, come now, save us from the evil Dean of Students' Affairs, LAUTECH, Prof. Adewale who is bias, and a core cultist!

We wonder what type of leader he would be when manages to emerge as a senator.



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